The Continuing Story of The Unicorn, The Irish Rovers

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The Continuing Story of The Unicorn, written by George Millar.
Video by Jennifer Fahrni.
The Unicorn song, which was a last minute add to the Irish Rovers 2nd album, left us all with a tear or two, plus the unanswered question, “Whatever happened to the Unicorns when the ark left them stranded on the shore?”

Since that first big hit, the band returned to the charts 15 more times with other songs, nevertheless, the magic of The Unicorn remains. To pay appropriate tribute on its Gold Anniversary, the Rovers release “The Unicorn, The Continuing Story” CD & LP. It includes all new recordings plus finally, the sequel to The Unicorn song, which answers the question of the last fifty years. This music video will also tell the story.
The Rovers thank the World Wildlife Fund and wildlife cinematographer, Adam Ravetch for assisting in the production of this video.
Album is available as CD or 12″ VINYL LP
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