Bella Voce Choir performs Sam Ojukwu's Uwa Nile Nuria at Caritas Musica 2: Gathered As One.Aug, 2019

The Bella Voce Choir is a catholic chorale made up of a wide range of gifted singers and instrumentalists cutting across different ages and musical experiences. We are primarily based in St Cyprian’s Parish Oko Oba, Lagos.
The Caritas Musica is our biennial concert presented to commemorate the anniversary of the choir which has been in existence for nearly 2 decades now. Themed ‘Gathered As One’, Caritas Musica 2 comprises an ensemble of harmonious, soulful, sacred, creative and inspiring musical renditions written by legendary composers from different parts of the world.
Conducted by Obalim Nwadei(C.CM). Cantor: Ify Nwadei. Accompanied by Francis Okodua(Piano), Michael Dalu (Flute), Harry Ugwu(Violin). Ebuka Egwu(Konga Drums), Shayo Oluwayemi(Udu)

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