(UPDATED) THE CURE Untitled Documentary Film Series – Part 1/4

UPDATES: A little bit added to the Faith, Top eras, and a couple more little bits here and there. Also added some professional subtitles, but the translations may still be sub-par.

Part one of a Documentary Film Series about The Cure. Somewhat chronological but jumps around. Note: The video for 10:15 Saturday Night is masked – unmasked, extended versions here:

This is a YouTube-sourced assembly of interviews, concerts, videos, TV appearances and behind-the-scenes releases. It started just as a side-project / experiment to see how it all went together, and grew. It’s not intended to be definitive, just one perspective from inside a really fun & inspiring rabbit hole. If you’d like to know the source of any particular clip, comment and I’ll post the link.

For educational purposes only. It’s not important.

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