Timba bruk-a me back by Sounds of Music Ensemble

Timba bruk-a me back is a Guyanese Folk-Song which deals with a laborer who come home and complains that dealing with his work-load is not easy. It has seriously affected his body. He has pain all over.

About Video Producer
Anthony E. Alvarez is an independent producer on cable TV. His programs have been broadcast on Manhattan (MNN.org), Brooklyn (BricArtsMedia.org), Staten Island (SICTV.org) and Queens Cable TV (QPTV.org). Anthony E. Alvarez is a member of Downtown Community TV (DCTVNY.org).

Anthony E. Alvarez’s clients include: New York Chess Kids, Okinawa American Association of New York (OAANY.org), Japanese Americans, Japanese in America (JAJA), Asian American Journalist Association (AAJA.org), Asian American Journalist Association New York Chapter (AAJA-NY.org), Corky Lee Photography, Asians in New York (AsiansinNY.org), Cantonese Society, Asian Language Exchange and Social Network (ALESN.org), Cynthia Sam Voice Over Artist, KIDS ISO 14000 and Casio America, Inc. (www.Casio.com)

In addition to a video producer, Anthony has a background as a software engineer. His interest lie in E-commerce web development using open source technologies, frameworks and protocols. He is also interested in Android and Windows Phone 8 App development.

Pucho Web Solutions provides web marketing solutions to small business in Manhattan by showcasing multimedia based content on your website using video, web photo albums and audio.

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