QPAC’s new ensemble in residence: JADE New World Collective

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JADE New World Collective, in residence at QPAC, features Indigenous didgeridoo musician David Williams, Japanese koto master Takako Haggarty Nishibori, Nepalese tabla virtuoso Dheeraj Shrestha, and Australian guitarist Dr Anthony Garcia.

JADE conceives original music that inspires and uplifts, transcending boundaries and responding to the evolving cultural landscape of our city. Their premiere concert, Crystal Moonlight, is a contemporary performance reflecting the timeless expanse of Indigenous Australian music against a sonic palette that integrates Western classical and traditional Asian soundscapes.

Takako Haggarty Nishibori Koto and shamisen
David Williams Didgeridoo
Deeraj Shrestha Tablas and percussion
Dr Anthony Garcia Guitar, Phin and Artistic Director

Other guest musicians to be announced soon!

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