Persona 5 – "What's Going On?" Cover – Jam Session #1 // J-MUSIC Ensemble

Our first run-through of “What’s Going On?” (Social Link music) from Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 5, composed by Shoji Meguro, and this version arranged by Patrick Bartley.

We all know that one message, “I don’t think my bond will deepen just yet…” that we get whenever we consider hanging out with a confidant. But sometimes, it’s just so worth it to hang out anyway JUST to hear this music. It really is a jam. So we found a way to just turn this into a real jam! We hope you have as much fun with this as we did playing it. “I think our Persona 5 cover library will increase soon…”

You asked, and you got it! Here’s a look at our first Persona 5 jam session! After falling in love with the music, we finally decided to start the mission of arranging tracks from the OST (of course, we had to play the game first so the songs meant more to us and we didn’t encounter any spoilers… STILL, NO SPOILERS PLS&THX). This is still the first draft, and once we take it to the studio some time in the future, it’ll be even better… 😉 For now, we’ll keep trying it out and if you all enjoy, we’ll keep doing it. Thanks for watching!

Patrick Bartley (@patbartmusic) – Alto Sax
John Otten (@ottenpops) – Trumpet
Khrys Williams (@khryswilliams) – M-Audio MIDI Synth, Shaker
Sean Richey (@seanricheymusic) – Guitar
Matt Wong (@hahfullpahff) – Keyboards
Max Calkin (@theofficialmaxwell) – Electric Bass
JK Kim (@deepfrieddrum) – Drums
Toby Ekpunobi (@tobyekpunobi) – Nintendo Switch (jus chillen)

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