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My Virtual Ensemble is a growing network of professional musicians working together on chamber music projects. It was founded in March 2021 by German composer and woodwind player Mat Clasen. The idea is to connect people across borders – both internal and external – and to lay the foundation for collaborations and friendships. Instrumental music does not transport words or points of view. It is the one universal language for emotions that everybody understands regardless of origin, cultural background or personal convictions. The projects on My Virtual Ensemble are non-profit; it’s all about collaboration and music. Musicians from the network can, however, be hired for commercial projects though. The initial project is a composition for five instruments by Mat Clasen called “Amikaro”.

Are you are a professional musician or about to become one? Are you interested in new music projects or do you want to grow your network? Are you interested in getting to know musicians from different cultural backgrounds, to collaborate and to gain visibility? Or are you a composer looking for professionals to play your music or looking for other composers to exchange ideas and get feedback? Then join us!

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