Miriodor – Envoutement

“Envoutement” by Miriodor from the album ‘Avanti!’ (Cuneiform Records).

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Album Personnel:
Bernard Falaise – guitars, stringed instruments, etc
Pascal Globensky – keyboards, synthesizers, piano,
Remi Leclerc – drums, percussion, sampler
Nicolas Masino – bass, keyboards
Pierre “The Preacher” Labbe – tenor & baritone saxophone
Marie-Chantal Leclair – Soprano saxophone
Maxime St-Pierre – Trumpet

Sometimes it’s hard to write about an album simply because it’s difficult to find new ways of saying ‘amazing’. Miriodor’s albums present that challenge. With a string of utterly fabulous releases already leading up to Avanti, how does one find a new way to get across the fact that Miriodor are one of the very finest new music/rock ensembles in existence? Maybe by truthfully stating that, in my opinion, Avanti is most likely their best work yet! The band have always produced music that is intricate, tuneful, challenging and filled with both fire and humor. The mixing and production were handled by member Bernard Falaise, the first time the band have done all of this work ‘in house’ and he has added some adventurous and interesting touches which never overwhelm the integrity of the underlying musical work, but add an additional dimension which is new for the band.

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