Isabelle Dances by Steven Stucky (Performed by Max Kanowitz)

Isabelle Dances by Steven Stucky (Performed by Max Kanowitz)
1. Bounce
4. Stomp

I hope you enjoy my performance of the first and last movements of this extremely thoughtful and energetic work by composer Steven Stucky. I had the pleasure of preparing this music in preparation for my performance Jury this Spring. I look forward to coming back to this work in the future, and playing the hauntingly beautiful inner movements.


About Steven Stucky:
Widely recognized as one of the leading composers today, Steven Stucky was awarded the 2005 Pulitzer Prize in Music for his Second Concerto for Orchestra. He has written commissioned works for many of the major American orchestras and ensembles.

Mr. Stucky has taught at Cornell University since 1980, where he serves as Given Foundation Professor of Composition. He has also been associated with the Los Angeles Philharmonic for more than 20 years, and is currently Consulting Composer for New Music.

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