Electro World [LIVE BAND + DANCE COVER] feat. Electronicole // J-MUSIC Ensemble

We’ve been waiting a long time for this one! Our version of “Electro World” by Perfume, written by Yasutaka Nakata. This arrangement, by Khrys Williams.
Dance cover (Nocchi) by Electronicole. Her first recording session with us!
Recorded on 9/22/2017 at Manhattan Neighborhood Network for the Checkerboard Kids program.

In honor of Perfume’s 10th Anniversary of their breakthrough hit, “Polyrhythm”, we set out to create the biggest Perfume tribute we’ve done to date, filled with over an hour’s worth of our Perfume covers and featuring special guests! Hosted by Phil Dejean, this Checkerboard Kids concert special was filmed to a live audience of dedicated Perfume fans who came all over to join in the celebration.

Dance Cover – Electronicole
Patrick Bartley – Alto Sax
Max Boiko – Trumpet
Toby Ekpunobi – Trombone
Khrys Williams – M-Audio Axiom AIR 61
Gabe Schnider – Guitar
Takafumi Suenaga – M-Audio Axiom 61
Brad Miller – Bass
John Spencer – Drums

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