Drive-By Truckers – Watch A Concert A Day #WithMe #StayHome #Live Music #Discover #Best #Indie #Rock

WATCH LIVE APRIL 8th AT 1PM (PDT): Don’t miss two-time GRAMMY nominees @Drive-By Truckers, our first #AConcertADay presented by @Pickathon and benefiting @MusiCares! #MusiCares4Us #StayHome A Concert A Day #WithMe All donations go to @MusiCares.

Enjoy the concert for three full days after the premiere before it disappears on April 11th!

Thanks to @WayfinderBeer, @Danner and @AuroraElixirs for their support.

Producer: Ryan Stiles
Executive Producer: Zale Schoenborn, Terry Groves
Associate Producer: John MacArthur
Assistant Producer: Stephanie Manzo
Line Producer: Seth Chandler
Production Manager: Josh Madera, Holly Wyman
Associate Distribution Producer: Ned Failing, David Gluck
Legal: Vincent Sliwoski, Harris Moure, PLLC
Director: Dave Slay
Stage Manager: William Thoma
Editor: Katie Dalziel
Camera Crew: Erin Adkisson, Natalie Carroll, Sadie Davis, Adam Dwight, Carrie Hearne, Robert Pallotta, Moira Peterson, Benjamin Pitts, Preston Russett, Ryan Samanka, Anthony Scigliano, Corinna Scott, Jennifer Sowell
Festival Lighting Director: Daniel Meeker
Broadcast Mix/Recording Engineer: Pat Kearns
Final Audio Mix Engineer: Jason Powers
Audio Producer: Collin Hegna
Stage & Garden Design: Annie Bamberger (

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