Classical Music – Orchestral Music – Connection

Classical Music / Orchestral Music – Connection

Hello all. This song is a bit different from my previous stuff but I hope a few will still enjoy it. I wanted to write some music for something that would sound like a small ensemble with an influence from the romantic period but still be powerful and have a lot of percussive type melodies without using any drums. Something like Philip Glass or Steve Reich would do but with my own style to it. In this song I wanted to have 4-5 different harmonies going on all at once for the majority of the song while staying 3/4 but with polyrhythms over it.

I split the full song into 2 parts because it was around 15-16 minutes in its full version so Ill be uploading the 2nd half at a later time. I know some prefer shorter songs so I thought it was best to split them up but I will upload both parts as a full 15-16 minute song at some point.

I hope you enjoy and thanks for listening!

Photo – “Sleeping Lady” by Franciszek Zmurko

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