Classical Fantasy Music (Ensemble) ~ Autumn Lament

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About this song: This was my first attempt at a more classical arrangement, although I have no formal training. I prefer the cooler darker months, I find it more inspirational to write and autumn is definitely my favourite season. It’s a pretty old song now, but one I’m still very proud of.

The image used is from a free wallpaper website. The text has been added by me. No details of the original artist or creator was provided by the wallpaper website. Extensive Google image searches did not reveal the name of the original artist or creator either, so I have been unable to credit and provide links. If this is your image/artwork then please contact me directly and I will arrange to credit you, add links to your websites in the video description and purchase a license if necessary. This video is not monetized or used in any commercial or promotional way whatsoever and makes no claim to the originally copyrighted artwork used.

Music Copyright © Ekaterina- All Rights Reserved

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