Battle B2 – Shin Megami Tensei IV (Rock/Metal) Guitar Cover | Gabocarina96

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Hello everyone! 😀 Time to put my soloing skills back to work.

This song was requested to me on Patreon by Edgemis and even though I had never heard it, I felt it would make such a fun cover! The song is so intense but also really catchy and I like it a lot! Kinda reminds me of Undertale in a way with the bells part.

There’s a pretty good solo in the original song too so I decided to do it for the first loop of my cover but to come up with a solo of my own for the second one. I hope you’ll like my take on it! 😀

Thanks for watching, enjoy! See you next week!

Arranged & performed by: gabocarina96

Composed by: Ryota Kozuka

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